Common Installation Problems With McAfee


McAfee antivirus merchandise area unit the foremost reliable and dependable security solutions across the planet. However, like alternative security solutions, McAfee antivirus programs have their share of issues too.this text discusses a number of the common McAfee installation issues and their solutions. These em body antivirus package validation failure, unsuccessful installation, missing file, laptop hangs throughout the procedure, and update problems or Common Update Error once installation among others. Check the below mentioned free McAfee installation support guide for tips about troubleshooting the installation issues.


Make sure that you simply log in as associate administrator to your laptop. transfer and install the newest updates for your Windows laptop before putting in a McAfee product. Also, make certain that you simply take away your existing security package (if you’re running one on your computer) before putting in the package. Remember, 2 security programs forever conflict with one another and should cause your laptop to hold aside from creating one another inoperable.

Firewall typically creates issues throughout the installation. So, if you’re running a firewall program like Zone Alarm, flip it off. you’ll flip it back on once installation. don’t forget to assemble your firewall program to permit the McAfee package to run properly. Besides, forever check whether or not your laptop meets the minimum system needs to put in McAfee or not. It helps you avoid facing McAfee installation issues throughout the installation procedure.

If the someone.exe crashes creating your laptop freeze once launching the McShield service, use this technique. revive your laptop in Safe Mode. once the pc starts, like a shot begin sound the F8 key. Keep pressing the key till you see the boot menu. choose Safe Mode and hit the Enter key. When done, click the beginning button and choose Run. sort ‘msconfig’ (without quotes) within the Open field and hit Enter once more. once in System Configuration Utility, click the Services tab. disable McAfee Framework Service, Network Associates Mc Shield, and Network Associates Task Manager by deselecting the boxes next to them. Click the OK button and restart your laptop.

Now open your browser and visit the McAfee web site. rummage around for the newest patch file (update) for your McAfee version and transfer it. Save and run the file. When done, open the Run utility once more and run the ‘ms config’ command. Click the final tab within the System Configuration Utility window. Click the button next to traditional Start up – load all device drivers and services. Click the Apply button and so okay tosave the changes and shut the window. once prompted, ensure the action and revive your laptop.

If you get a standard Update Error message once putting in McAfee antivirus, it indicates that the installation is broken because of a fresh put in update. Uninstall McAfee antivirus utterly from your laptop. visit Add or take away Programs up to the mark Panel, choose the McAfee Security Center or Enterprise (whatever your product’s name is) and click on the Change/Remove button. once prompted, ensure the action. choose the parts that you simply need to get rid of and hit the take away button. watch for the method to end. When done, revive your laptop.

When done, insert your McAfee antivirus setup disk within the hard drive and watch for the automated prompt to seem. Follow the on-screen prompts as you probably did antecedently , however fastidiously and end the installation. make certain that you simply enter every and each piece of data properly whereneeded. choose your custom options and assemble the settings. When done, revive your laptop and findgoing.


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